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Welcome to AKAR Design Studio, a hub where artistic mastery converges with architectural ingenuity, innovation meets interior aesthetics, landscapes spring to life, and urban spaces evolve. Our unwavering commitment is to redefine spaces with beauty, functionality, and purpose.

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URBAn DESign Work

Our portfolio showcases our most recent and noteworthy projects in architecture, interior design, landscape design, and urban design.

Who We Are

Architects of Emotions

We are more than architects and designers; we are architects of emotions, creators of memorable experiences, and builders of dreams. Our multidisciplinary approach sets us apart, enabling us to provide holistic solutions that seamlessly integrate:



Nature inspires us to craft outdoor spaces that harmonize with surroundings, enhancing quality of life.



Beyond blueprints, we envision possibilities, grasp structural intricacies, and create living spaces that inspire.


Interior Design

Our interior design expertise combines beauty and functionality to reflect your personality and lifestyle.


Urban Design

We redefine the interplay between people and places, envisioning vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive cities.

Why choose us!

we design for your satisfaction

Vision Realized

Transform your dreams into breath-taking reality with our unwavering commitment to your vision.

Seamless Communication

Experience the power of clear and open communication, ensuring your ideas are heard and executed flawlessly.

Precision in Design

We are the architects of accuracy, leaving no detail to chance and delivering designs that exceed expectations.

Flawless Execution

From concept to completion, our dedicated team ensures your project is executed with precision and perfection.

Sustainable Solutions

We prioritize sustainability, crafting designs that align with the environment and your long-term goals.

Inspiring Innovation

Choose us for a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and designs that inspire change. Choose

How do we work?

Make your statement in style



Discover your vision through collaborative discussions. We understand your desires, challenges, and ideas, making our designers your trusted partners.



We bring creativity to life, designing seamlessly functional forms. Meticulously planned details and thoughtful curation make your vision come alive.



Precision meets passion. From the blueprints to the final flourish, we execute with exactness. Your dream becomes a tangible reality. On time. On budget.



Awe-inspiring reveal, transformed space, stirring emotions. We create beyond design, crafting experiences. Your delight is our success.


Transforming Spaces into Dream Homes: Your Ultimate Residential Design Partner


Inspiring Workspaces, Boosting Productivity: Tailored Corporate Design Excellence


Elevate Your Business Aesthetic: Expert Commercial Design Solutions
Stylish empty restaurant interior


Savor the Flavor of Success: Innovative Restaurant Design That Dazzles

Our Portfolio

We design modren and elegant

Our portfolio showcases our most recent and noteworthy projects in architecture, interior design, landscape design, and urban design.

What our customers say


"AKAR Design Studio brought my dream home to life! Their dedication to understanding my vision and transforming it into reality was incredible. The interior design is a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. I couldn't be happier with the result!"

Shalini, Chennai

"The AKAR team didn't just design our office; they crafted an inspiring work environment. Our productivity has soared, and our brand identity shines through every corner. Their corporate design expertise is unmatched!"

Arvind, Bengaluru

"I approached AKAR for landscaping our backyard, and they turned it into a tranquil oasis. The landscape design not only enhances our quality of life but also blends seamlessly with our surroundings. Highly recommend!"

Priya, Hyderabad

"From the initial consultation to the final reveal, AKAR's interior design team was a joy to work with. They captured my style perfectly, and every room feels like 'me.' Thanks to AKAR, my home is now a reflection of my personality."

Deepa, Kochi